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How To Add 3 New Customers TODAY Using Webinars

I think it’s time to start taking webinars seriously in marketing. Nothing is better at educating existing and potential customers than webinars.  Once our team started focusing one the education aspect of our webinar the registrations grew from 10 fold. But 2016, webinars became our most influential marketing flow, exceeding our capture pages, our ebooks, […]

Overcome Any Objection & Get More Sales!

What IS an objection? What is NOT an objection? In my years of success (and some failure too) online, I’ve only come across 4 actual objections to anything. …So how do you overcome these 4 objections? Episode #48: How to Overcome the Only 4 Real Objections to Anything Are your prospects LYING to you? I […]

What is Empower Network & Why Should I Join

You’ve heard the buzz, you’ve been hit non-stop from others boasting about how phenomenal this system is. Now you’re curious! Now you’re wondering what all the hype is really about. I’m going to show you exactly why you need to pay attention and what you need to know before signing up with anyone into the […]