Interview of Gary Vaynerchuk on Building a Brand Online

In this video

Today I did a nearly random interview with the famous Gary Vaynerchuk on skype.

This was a VERY spur of the moment interview.  Basically, I commented on Gary’s facebook status and within 15 minutes we were talking via video chat.

Being from New York City, I’ve been a fan of Gary’s for years, and had a blast interviewing him.

The questions I ask Gary Vaynerchuk are:

1. What are 2 tips on building your brand online?

2. What predications do you have for 2013?

3. Last year we saw instagram and Pinterest expand rapidly, do you feel there will be a new thing to BLOW up in 2013?

4. What is one thing someone should NOT do, what is the biggest mistake to make online?

5.  How big has VaynerMedia gotten in the last 12 months?

6. How long do you see the “Make Money Online” niche lasting?

7. What tips do you have for someone undecided on their passion?

8. Do you have a new book planned?

9. What is your 30 second advice for executing your business in 2013?

What is the biggest take away you received from this interview?

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